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old lady 84 years old who is dying with cancer no BB for 2 weeks

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old lady 84 years old who is dying with cancer no BB for 2 weeks

How do you get a fault fixed?  The case is an old lady 84 years old who is dying with cancer as they cant cure it. Her whole life is centred around the internet as she uses this to keep in touch do here crafts and pay bills etc. On the 25th April her internet died she cant cope on her own and as I referred her to plusnet she called me I arrived on Sunday 28 April and rang plusnet her username is perks1 and the ticket is Question #68914417 – she ring everyday wanting an answer but none is forth coming. The rang and said it would be 72 hours  On 2:28am, Monday 6 May 2013 the ticket showed  The broadband fault has been closed by the supplier. Should problems re-occur, please restart the Broadband Fault Checker.
I rang again and explained nothing has happened its still  shows the broadband light flashing and no internet light trying to connect from the router shows it cant sync. They said they would ring without fail the next day which they never did and no matter how many times you ask to speak to a manager they wont let you. They still haven’t fixed the issue and they keep increasing the time for a fix it was due to end on the 10th at 4 but they are now saying another 48 hours. No one will tell us what the problem is or why its taking so long al they say is it’s a fault at the exchange.
You can imagine if you are 84 and dying with cancer the stress she is under is unbearable but now she has another problem as all her bills are paid via internet banking she cant pay anything it really is stressing her out and it shouldn’t take this long to fix a fault you could have put a new line in by now. We keep asking for someone to ring the local exchange and talk to someone who can get the job done. As a question of feedback the service is terrible and the refusal of anyone to let you speak to a manager is disgusting 
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: old lady 84 years old who is dying with cancer no BB for 2 weeks

Hi Samuria,
Sorry to hear of the situation that you've reported to us and that it hasn't been this resolved yet.
I've taken a look at the fault and the current stage its at, we've arranged a Lift and Shift in an attempt to resolve this. I'm hoping this will be completed today. Apologies that you we're not informed this over prior to posting on here.
I'll make sure I keep you updated on the progress, I've also assigned this to an experienced faults agent to get this resolved ASAP, my colleague will also be in-touch soon with the latest update.