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nice service

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nice service

i am plusnetpro customer and i do like my online gaming so i requested that interleaving be switched off on my line.
i did see a minor decrease in pings but the amount of router resyncs i was getting it really wasnt worth it.
so i asked for interleaving to be switched back on and found that because of all the resyncs, BT had raised the noise margin on my line to 9-10 when it should have been on 6-7.
i asked a question, gave all the info i thought plusnet needed, this was my question:
" i had my interleaving switched off for a while, i have had it switched back on in the last week or so but i have noticed that since i have been switched back to on, my noise on the line has increased from around 7 to 10.
this could be due to the weather we have been having but i think its to do with all the resyncs i was getting when i had my interleaving off.
as i understand it, too many resyncs an bt will raise the noise margin on your line if this is the case.
if i had a different router, i could lower the noise on my line manually but my router doesnt allow me to use the tool that can do this.
can you request the noise margin be set back to normal or will i have to deal with the slower line syncs. i am getting nowhere near the max 7616 sync speed, im lucky to get 6000 sync at the moment "
i had this response
" Thanks for this I am passing this over to the correct team, we will email you again in due course. "
next response was this
" This fault is currently undergoing testing. Further information will be appended to this ticket shortly."
4 mins after that response i get this
" We have placed an order to reset your SNR. Please allow about 24 hours then disconnect and reconnect once. This should restore your noise to the right level."
my router resynced about 5 mins after that last response, giving me my max stable sync of 7616 with margin now at 6. a nice surprise to come home to after work.
quality service fair play, would have had to wait months for BT to lower it automatically, thank you plusnet
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Re: nice service

Hi there,
Welcome to Plusnet and the Community site, glad to hear you're happy so far.