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new customers more thought of

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new customers more thought of

i always thought it was better to keep customers than get new ones, sure you need to get new customers other wise you will not make any money. but when i see new customers can get a 12 month deal for £25 and yet we as older customers, bearing in mind that I have been out of minimum contract since August last year I had nothing to hold me to Plusnet. 
Plusnet sent me an email when they put the prices up saying I could have a great deal, their great deal was £28 when the prices went up for 18 months. Not really a great deal.

plusnet are lucky that a lot of the prices around are the same and a lot of the providers also attach a £50 connection fee, which by the time i move and pay that I would save very little over  the contract.  But when I get a bit more time, I will be looking for alternatives and see what is available out there.  Even my router is passed it sell by date.

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Re: new customers more thought of

have you tried phoning Customer Options 0800 013 2632 and select "I am thinking of leaving"

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Re: new customers more thought of

The "new customer" business plan will only work so long.

As long as it has enough old customers to subsidise the new.

Plusnet Help Team
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Re: new customers more thought of

Hi there,


I would definitely have a chat with our customer options team as Old Jim suggests as we may be able to make you an offer in return for re-contracting with us.

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 Adam Walker
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Re: new customers more thought of

I agree that Plusnet and the way they do business is not good. Unfortunately many companies do this and therefore have little loyalty. There are a few 'disruption' companies surfacing that is starting to change this and this will mean that dinosaurs like Plusnet with out dated business practices will suffer. 


I too realised that new customers were getting a better deal than me - a loyal customer of many years. I rang and got a decent deal quick enough - but this isn't right is it!?


And another thing - for goodness sake, lets get this plusnet website updated - I can never find anything, my current contract details don't seem to be up to date, i won't show me my usage - come on guys - your an internet technology company - you should have one of the best websites going!


And how about an app - would be great to have a plusnet app - again, this just seems sloppy business!


Attract customers with fair pricing rather than short term deals for new customers only, provide a great experience with website and apps, and make it so customers don't think of leaving!