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new customer thanks

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Registered: ‎16-08-2013

new customer thanks

I have been connected to Plusnet broadband for just a couple of hours, but I am already well impressed.
The transfer from my previous supplier has gone well. The router arrived promptly and was all ready to connect up today once i had the text - which sadly didn't arrive (the only down side to the transfer).
However once I'd phoned and spoken to Plusnet they confirmed that I was live and I could connect.
Within 30 minutes I was connected, and a quick speed test showed an improvement on anything I had with my previous supplier.
Laptop, iPad, mobile phone and printer all connected wirelessly - as did a PS3 which I had never been able to connect wirelessly in the past.
So thank you Plusnet
I just wish you would have made it easier to send a quick email thank you rather than having to log in to the forums.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: new customer thanks

Well thanks very much for logging in and posting anyway, it's great for us Smiley If it helps though, you could always submit a ticket if you want to send in a written query (you can do that at
On the flip side though we hope you stick around in the forums - there's a fair few knowledgeable people on here and a number of chatty discussions as well if that's your thing (especially if you like bad puns).
Really glad you're happy though, and please do pop back in here if there's anything at all we can help with.