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move from BT to Plusnet: very pleased

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move from BT to Plusnet: very pleased

after the latest price hike, I eventually decided to leave BT (Infinity 2) and called up Plusnet. Opening the account was easy, I set a move date for today. I was kept up-to-date all the way via mail and SMS:

- a day after my order I received a conformation of the transfer date (phone)

- a day later, I received a confirmation of the broadband transfer which was scheduled for the day after the phone transfer (tomorrow).

- the router arrived last Thursday

- this morning, I found a notice that my phone line had moved, and it worked, this afternoon, I received confirmation that my broadband had been activated.


All it took to get back online was to change the username/password in my existing router and everything is up and running. Speed and latency the same as previously with BT, no router reset needed, no line calibration, absolutely seamless.


So I am very happy with the transfer process and the service - thank you, good people of Plusnet Smiley


For those thinking about switching or those anxiously browsing the forum in anticipation of the scheduled transfer a few points:


- I received the dispatch note for the router the day I found the package at my doorstep. It will come in time. And in case it shouldn't, you can use your existing router/VDSL modem.

- if you move both phone and broadband, the transfers may be scheduled on successive dates. I was initially told that there should only be a few hours service interruption. I think that the schedule is just a buffer in case something goes wrong with the phone transfer. And for me, a day without broadband wouldn't have been something to get worked up about. Anyway, in my case PlusNet were true to their word and I got completely switched over on one day.

- the Plusnet router is a rebranded HomeHub 5 which includes the modem, so you will no longer need the Openreach Modem - just plug the thing into the ADSL socket and it will auto-configure.



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Re: move from BT to Plusnet: very pleased

Thanks for the feedback on your activation, good to read. Welcome to Plusnet!

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