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createdbydan - bill issue, again

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createdbydan - bill issue, again

Thank you for providing 3 months free Fibre due to the support team letting me down.
Please explain:
Total: £20.35
(inc VAT)
1 Evening and Weekends Included call barring charge - - £5.76
1 Unlimited Fibre Extra - Market 2/3 charge 15/12/2015 14/01/2016 £19.99
1 Call Plan charge 15/12/2015 14/01/2016 £0.00
1 Evening and Weekends Included charge 15/12/2015 14/01/2016 £16.99
1 Special Offer Discount - - -£12.50
1 Prorata Adjustment for Unlimited Fibre Extra - Market 2/3 - - -£2.40
1 Special Offer Discount - - -£7.49

Why I am being billed for a call barring service I did not ask for? All I should be paying for this and the next 3 months is basic line rental. Please sort it out and NO I am NOT paying this bill until it is rectified.
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Re: createdbydan - bill issue, again

Hi there,
This charge occurs when a bill is paid outside of the 14 day grace period. Now in your instance as this wasn't paid due to the same issue we offered the 3 months free for, this should not be owed. Currently the Direct Debit is still processing, we need this to either go through and then we'll refund it, or fail and we'll credit this off, but we can't action this while the direct debit is still processing. I apologise for any issues this may have caused.