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You need to keep in touch with new customers better

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Registered: ‎20-08-2011

You need to keep in touch with new customers better

As I have a Plusnet account at another address, just over a week ago I ordered the Plusnet Extra so I could change  ths line from another ISP.
Then I heard nothing at all......
Today I discover that  my order had been rejected .
I had typed a 1 instead of an I in my MAC code.
This was immediately spotted by the helpful lady I spoke with andth order has been put through now.
But why was it not spotted before?
Why was I not contacted?
Not even offered any priority processing now.
It will have taken nearly 2 weeks in the end!!
Not a good start.
But I will admit that the helpline was very helpful!

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Re: You need to keep in touch with new customers better

I'd like to take an opportunity to apologise for this.
I have looked at the history of your account and can see that your order failed almost straight after it was placed.  This was, as you know, due to the MAC key being invalid.  This would normally generate a ticket on your account automatically so that our provisioning team can investigate and then get back to you to discuss why the order had failed.  This ticket was not generated on your account as normal.  Some further digging revealed that we have an open problem on this issue where we have seen the same problem on other customers accounts.
I can see the problem is currently being investigated by our development team.  I have added your account to the problem as an example of the issue to aid our developers in finding the cause / fix for this.  Your current order has been accepted and is due for 30/08/11.