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Writing a letter to Plusnet

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Writing a letter to Plusnet

What a disappointment and what a waste of time.

Recommended to send the letter to plusnet via the Royal Mail 'signed for' first class service at cost to me of £1.60 only to receive a rather curt reply a month later which failed to address points raised. To add insult to injury I am then "strongly recommended" (that word again) "to get back in touch next time via chat/call" - I can also phone in they say but we all know how long that can take!

Sign of the times I guess but really, what was the bloody point. 

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Herman Melville
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Writing a letter to Plusnet

Hi there,

Appreciate that this has been a poor experience, though it doesn't seem to be the typical lead time for letters at the moment.

Occasionally, we receive letters that don't have enough information for our facilities guys to be able to locate an account. If so, letters are attached to a nondescript account which takes a little longer to work through.

What's daft in your circumstance is that your address was left on the letter so we should have been able to link it to the account. Apologies for this, something I've fed back on now.

Looking at the letters at the moment, the lead times are around the 23rd, which is still a bit longer than we'd like. I'll ensure that this is reviewed too.


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