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Worse web site ever

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Worse web site ever

Trying to find anything on Plusnet web site is a nightmare you end up going in circles. It must have taken me the best part of an hour to find a way of renewing my line rental saver. As for reporting a fault god help us. It's about time it was sorted out to make things more easily found.


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Re: Worse web site ever

Sorry to hear that you were struggling to navigate our site. I find the search box on the Help & Support page to be useful.


For example, typing in "line rental saver" brings a link which takes you straight to the page that explains how to pay it.

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Re: Worse web site ever

Indeed, but web sites are supposed to be intuitive, and when they are not and rely instead on those search boxes then clearly they are not - they are badly designed and lazy.

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Re: Worse web site ever

I find the search box almost entirely useless - it worked much better on the old site

Why do I want a whole lot of useless links to the Community

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Re: Worse web site ever

I search Plusnet's websites only using Google and adding the qualifier such as "" as that is the only way I've found to reliably return good results.

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Re: Worse web site ever

But the web site gets worse rather than better. There should be a clear directions on where to find what. Together with the still ridiculous long wait on the phone and when you do get an answer keep being put on hold. I really do fail to see how on earth Plusnet could get best customer service awards.

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Re: Worse web site ever

@Anoush As usual, the phrasing of your response, indicates that you are "not a user"... you are not thinking of how the user would actually use the website.


You, as a Plusnet Staff, understand very well the organisational setup, and which department deals with what problems... so it is easy and trite for you to say the help& support page to be useful...  ( as if that solves the problems)...


obviously, from a customer point of view,... and isn`t that what point the website should be designed around......

, it is not as "helpful and support ful"... as it should be, otherwise there would be no complaints about it.


this "attitude" from Plusnet staff, belies the advertising, that "we will do you proud"  and it does not support the other advertising slogan... Best Customer Service ...


especially when you look at the feedback reports from customers, we are STILL seeing the same complaints, over and over again, and the same responses.... "we are working on it.... and we will get there.... give us time "..


excuses... excuses   excuses...


but no real progress even though we have "given you time"..


. those complaints should have been FIXED years ago,. so that by now,   there would be very very little to complain about, and much less time wasted by customers hanging on phones to get those age old problems sorted...


which, if they had been sorted, would have meant a reduction in the number of recruits and training expenses for the company as a whole.


Having done all that.... you could rightly claim to have "done us proud"... and given the "best customer service"...



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Re: Worse web site ever

To halt agree Shutter 👍
All we get is the regular sorry we have same problem Again 👿
But I copy and paste links. To help page that is totally useless, which if was helpful there would be less people asking same questions here
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Re: Worse web site ever

What is just as annoying is trying to get a fault fixed. I suffer disconnects when it's been raining, they test it when it's dry and say there is no fault which means days of wait before the ticked is answered again. That is NOT good customer service.


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Re: Worse web site ever

@glloyd wrote:

What is just as annoying is trying to get a fault fixed.


You're absolutely correct there! Last time my line failed I couldn't get through to anyone at PlusNet for a couple of days as I was at work a lot and the answer times - well you all know!

Fortunately my wife saw the Openreach van next door and went out for a chat - turned out a contractor had dug a cable up and broken several strands so they fixed ours at the same time.



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