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Will I get compensation?

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Will I get compensation?

I signed up to Fibre last month and my installation date came and went on the 23rd Oct.  However, in the process my phone line was disconnected, although it sort of stayed active in that when I rang it on the transfer day the home phone rang. (Making me think it was working)

The next day the internet was still not connected so I rang up and was told there was an issue and an engineer needed to be sent out again.  This was expedited but still took a week and on the 30th, again, nothing happened.  I rang the next day and there was no explanation, again an engineer was sent out for the 3rd.  Nothing happened. 

I rang the next day (the 4th, now nearly two weeks later) to say that I had discovered that the phone didn't actually work, it rang when you called it but when I answered it didn't actually connect.  This time customer service ran some tests and found a problem with the exchange, why they didn't do this two weeks earlier I have no idea.  So this time the engineer was booked for the 4th to inspect the line.

I thought about this and rang CS this morning to see if the engineer was just being sent out to do the phone line, or if he was also going to connect the fibre?  It turns out the line fault had been cleared, but no, then engineer was only going to do the line.  So it's back to booking the engineer and there are no expedited appointments. He is now booked for the 4th time on the 13th of November, 3 weeks after I was originally disconnected, what amazing service! 

So what I want to know is, I pay a monthly charge for Netflix, NowTV and PSN.  How can I get compensation to cover the costs for these services that I have not been able to use due to being cut off by Plusnet?  That's not even the worst bit, I also work from home, and it's costing me ~£40 a week to drive into the office.

I left BT because of the abysmal service, I'm starting to think I made a mistake.

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Re: Will I get compensation?


A warm welcome to the forums. Sadly in the case of engineering failures such as this, it matters not which ISP you are with, you’re stuck with the same BTOR (or subcontractor) engineers ... who (if there is a line fault) are responsible for fixing matters. Personally I fear that this is all associated with BTOR cost cutting in not sending an engineer to the subscriber’s property for FTTC installs any longer.

As for compensation such matters are addressed at the time of resolutuon.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Will I get compensation?

You will probably get offered 2 months free Internet usage if you ask. Fill your boots!