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Wii and the BBCi Player

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Wii and the BBCi Player

I've just moved to PlusNet after being with Sky for over two years.  Sadly I had to move from Sky as I can no longer afford the Sky+ TV package.
I had no problem with Sky throughout the time I was with them, 6Mb connection all the time.  I used the BBCi Player via the Nintendo Wii regularly.  The new BBCi Player was released in November and I downloaded that to the my Wii and enjoyed a month of viewing.  I then moved to Plus Net, and the BBCi player on the Wii stopped working correctly.  It would play up to 20 seconds then stop while it buffered and the play again e.t.c.  Nothing changed with my set up except for the ISP.  This has been the same for the last fortnight.  I logged a call explaining what was happening, and got a reply telling me that Plus Net do not do anything to the data and it must therefore be my Wii wireless connection.  This has really hacked me off as this is 100% a Plus Net issue.  The BBC internet blog has other Plus Net users that have / are experiencing this problem.  I cannot tell you how mad I am.  My connection speed to my laptop is still 6mb.  I can watch the iplayer via my laptop without any issue. Nothing has changed except the ISP.
My call ref: 31182732
Please, please, please sort this out, or at the very least acknowledge that the problem exists.
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Re: Wii and the BBCi Player

Hi there,
We have been investigating a problem with iPlayer on Wii, as per this thread.
I'm sorry that our support team didn't let you know about this though.