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Wifi broken

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Wifi broken

Lately our devices have just been dropping off our wifi network. It seems to be just one device here and there. I called plusnet and they sent out an engineer who said it's the router's fault. I've tried all the usual things of changin wifi channel and band etc but nothing works. Got back in contact with plusnet and they told me to buy a new one or cancel my contract and make a new one. Having paid upfront that's really not a good option and fro a 2 year old router to break like this it should really be covered by plusnet. Especially when the first person I spoke to said that I could have one sent out but they needed an engineer to come around first. Really not happy about how this has been dealt with.

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Re: Wifi broken

@mhatfull  Welcome to the forum.

I agree that it's not good.Unless your line is dropping and the lights on the hub changing it is likely that the fault is being caused by the Hub's flaky firmware. Chances are that a new one will be equally troublesome.

You can persist with Plusnet but alternatively if you go onto an auction site such as Ebay you can buy a BT Smarthub 6 for around  £20. These are superior to Plusnet's hub. Setting instructions are here

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