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Why not keep us informed?

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Why not keep us informed?

Plusnet describes itself as good and honest. Like every provider, things may not always be good, but I think Plusnet could do better to be publicly honest. Here is my experience  - I have just joined plusnet mobile and since getting my sim 5 days ago I have never been able to get data. After several frustrating service calls being told "it is definitely a problem with data on the EE network in your area" to "it is definitely a problem with your SIM, we will send a new one" I am not sure people really know what is happening. I have waited for my new SIM and tried 3 times to get through to activate it. Twice I waited for an answer for 20 minutes and once for 30 minutes. Eventually I was told they were closing the service line down and to ring back tomorrow. And by-the-way, your problems is affecting a whole lot of people which is why you cannot get through. 


So, here is my point. There is a problem and your service staff are overwhelmed. Plusnet should come clean. There is a service status page on this forum. I looked and I can find nothing about this problem.Given the circumstances, it is not possible for me to be a happy customer but having had hours of my life wasted over the last 5 days waiting on phones and chat, I would be a lot less unhappy if there was somewhere I could go to find out if it is worth my time waiting on the end of a phone. What is the service status page for? Is it really good and honest to have one and not use it when there are service issues.


If your customers matter to you, use every means you have to let them know about service issues. This will avoid us clogging up your phone lines for no benefit to anyone. Use the forum. Send out emails. Put something on your web-site. Send out texts.  Don't make us waste our time, tell us like it is. Bad news is no better when you have been waiting on the phone listening to the same music play over and over for an age. When you cannot achieve good, go out of your way to be open and honest - please. We are your customers  - we deserve that.

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Re: Why not keep us informed?

I must have to say Plusnet are NOT !!! very good at communicating with their customers Lips_are_sealed

Especially when there is a large problem , BUT you will get the regular SORRY you had problems Embarrassed

You see its easier to say sorry rather than to fix the problem Embarrassed

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Re: Why not keep us informed?

Agreed there has being a lack of updates from staff regarding the mobile data saga.