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Why Won't Plusnet Answer Me

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Why Won't Plusnet Answer Me

Hi All,

All I wanted from day one is a straight answer to why my speed has dropped from 68Mbs down to 48Mbs

But all I have got is the run-around from support with the usual "we have run tests and you are within estimates"

How does that answer the question?

I go to a PlusNet Garage and buy myself a shiny new sports car with a top speed of 80 mph

I take out the car and hit a top speed of 68 mph one day and am happy with that speed but then the next day it would only hit 48 mph and I’m not happy with that so I think I will be taking it back to the PlusNet garage to be fixed.

If the garage mechanics were PlusNet support they'd send my car back and tell me "Well we drove it and it goes so there's nothing wrong"

I hope someone from PlusNet it reading this because it reads like a joke.

It also shows how ridiculous your support team are.

If only I could get PlusNet to release me from my contract early and without penalty I’d be leaving this rat infested sinking ship company faster than you could say “We’ll do you proud”


Here’s hoping. Thumbs_Up

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Re: Why Won't Plusnet Answer Me

Im having a similar problem but with upload speed dropping by 90% I dont agree that they can charge a penalty if it is they who are in breach of contract but there claim that they are customer driven doesnt hold up