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Who is BT Wholesale answerable to?

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Who is BT Wholesale answerable to?

As the question states, if BT Wholesale are failing miserably to keep ISP informed of outages, and if there equipment is failing miserably to provide service to many people, does anyone actually care? Do Ofcom get involved or is it reliant on OTELO / CISAS? 
or are we all just suckers in a big game of 'hand over your money for nothing in return'.
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Re: Who is BT Wholesale answerable to?

The way I look at it, the customers of BT Wholesale are the ISP's and not us, so if you're having major issues your first port of call is with your ISP.  I'm sure that ISP's will have a complaints resolution system with BT Wholesale if BT are dragging their feet in the mud but if you're not getting anywhere with your issues you could complain to the regulator who would then ask the ISP to explain what is happening, they then point at BT so OFCOM should then take the issue up with BT Wholesale.  However, as BT Wholesale are the only supplier for the majority of ISP's they can afford to drag their feet in the mud, an ISP can't really threaten to take their business elsewhere.