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Where is my £75 Amazon voucher

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Where is my £75 Amazon voucher

On changing my contract on 8 December I was promised a £75 Amazon voucher within 30 days.  When one did not arrive I had on on-line chat when I was told I would get it by Monday 12 January.  As nothing has been received to date I again tried the on-line chat and was told I would get an email by the end of the week and a negative response to my suggestion that the vale of the Amazon voucher should be increased to compensate for the lateness of delivery.  I feel I've been put off again and that a different approach is now called for.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Where is my £75 Amazon voucher

Hi roy1king,
I'm sorry to hear about this, I'll send off a chaser to find out what has happened with the Amazon voucher. Hopefully you'll hear back before me, but I'll keep my eyes out for a response.
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