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Where is PN Staff?

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Where is PN Staff?

I just notice it. I am getting fed up with PN right now. There appear no staffs available today. What are they been doing on the Friday? Sit all day doing nothing? Or maybe all staffs taking a day off! Disappointed that PN went downhills lately. Not the same PN anymore.


Very poor support. I will NOT recommend PN to anyone now. Worse proud to be!

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Re: Where is PN Staff?

Yup i agree , they too Busy on Bookface and twits Angry

They cant be all on phones Cheesy

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Re: Where is PN Staff?

It's been like this for weeks !

I have added a load of questions in recent times, with no replies from staff to my forum posts.

I reckon the staff are off sick, but are actually going for interviews with other employers who might value them !


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Re: Where is PN Staff?

Hmm, when I called support recently, there was a recorded message about their "award-winning" customer service (or something like that), but I would still have had to have waited at least 15 minutes for a first response, so I tried the chat instead, but that was similar (21 people in the queue in front of me at the start), so I ended up waiting just as long. Q: If this is "award-winning" then I wonder what the worst customer support must be like? TalkTalk could be an example I suppose - I tried to contact them 3 times about a neighbour's wi-fi and each time I received an automated response which didn't answer any of my questions and even when I tried to complain about the poor responses, I simply received another automated response!