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What's happened to customer service

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What's happened to customer service

It maybe that some customers are experiencing problems with not having broadband due to adverse conditions, but it doesn't mean the rest of its customers don't get any customer service. You can't speak to anyone on phone, you can't instant message them and they won't reply to ticket raised. Want to discuss renewal of my account, but am seriously thinking of leaving. The bigger they get the more customer services goes down the pan .

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Re: What's happened to customer service


I fully understand your frustrations if you have raised a ticket you will receive a reply asap.. One of the plusnet staff on this forum should pick this up for you soon and deal with it for you


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Re: What's happened to customer service

What customer service? In the past month had two problems ! First plusnet failed to send new router as promised, after a two week wait enventually got through and a router was sent. On line chat never works, if you phone you have to wait an age to get answered.

Yesterday my phone line ceased to work! Again no on line chat and was told to phone instead? How no phone?  I think the lunatics have taken over the asylum! Tried to call on my mobile after an age just gave up! Yes the service used to good!

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Re: What's happened to customer service

turn off your adblockers and online chat will work.