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What a way to run a business!

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Registered: ‎30-07-2007

What a way to run a business!

I hope you pick this up.
A new bill has been issued to me-this bill has been proven to be incorrect by Plusnet.
To rectify this mistake made by Plusnet I must first pay this bill knowing fully that it is an overpayment and Plusnet knows this before they can cancel this invoice as they are now calling it. An invoice is an advice of a payment that will be required - any invoice can be altered as its a request for payment not a bill.
Just get your friends to rectify. Why should I pay a bill knowing it includes an overpayment then have to wait to get my money back?
I told another James on your phone support there is an admin fee of £50 applied by me to rectify their mistakes.
So far a phone call requires refunding on top of my admin fee.
And I was irate with this James and will be again for incompetence.
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Re: What a way to run a business!

Hi Peter,
I'm very sorry for the over-charging on your account.
I've asked Finance to credit the additional amount from your invoice.