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What a difference a week can make!

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What a difference a week can make!

Following on my my public moan over here -,78484.0.html I thought it only right that I post a balancing-out 'thanks'  in here.
Last night for the first time in a couple of years, our family of gamers could all play when ever we wanted without connection or lag issues. We tried it around 5pm - yep that worked. Then also at 6 & 7pm - and connection was still good!  No more waiting til after 11pm (thanks Talktalk) to play online games for us  Cheesy
Thanks PN for offering a 'gaming' connection and a special thanks to Chris Parr who took on my 'case' and encouraged me to stay with PN rather than jump ship before I had even climbed aboard. From my experience of my first day of service yesterday, I am glad I decided to have a little more patience and hope that long may my decent connection continue  Smiley
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Re: What a difference a week can make!

Glad to hear it's all working well and thanks for your time on the phone yesterday. If you've got any questions let us know and I'm sure the community will be happy to help out.
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