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Well Done Plusnet

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Well Done Plusnet

Dear PN, not sure what you or BT have just done, but after fixing the fault on my line (the one that some PN agents said did not exist) 2 months ago my Sync, Download & Upload speeds are now the highest they have ever been Smiley

I tend to, like most users I guess, only open a post if I have an issue, so it seems only right to now open one to thank PN for resolving my issues with such a positive result.

Before my issues first appeared I was getting 35-36 Mbps DL and 5.5 Mbps UL, then for the 18 months that I had the issues, I only got an erratic 28 to 32 Mbps DL and 4.8 Mbps UL and I was repeatedly told that it was still within acceptable limits.

But then 4 months ago it dropped down even lower and finally BT found the fault, so now after a 2 months back at 34 Mbps it has suddenly jumped to 37.1 Mbps with the odd 37.3 Mbps DL and my UL has jumped to 6.8 Mbps too.

This happened 3 weeks ago, on 25th July 18 and despite the odd hiccup it has stayed up at this new speeds ever since Smiley


So Well Done Plusnet Smiley

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Re: Well Done Plusnet

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Re: Well Done Plusnet

Hi @daveg6hni,

I'm happy to see that your connection speeds have improved since the investigation of the fault has concluded. Please let us know if there's anything further we can help with in the future and we'll be happy to take a look into it for you. Smiley

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