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Vulnerable Customers

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Vulnerable Customers

PN should consider as a priority setting up a help line for vulnerable customers who experience problems or require advice.

Some may be new customers joining PN based on the advertising blurb or existing customers who may be elderly, disabled living alone and have scant knowledge of computers, or how to deal with basic connection problems.

supporting services for the majority of customers is virtually non existent but it’s unforgivable not to provide a priority service for vulnerable customers.

Not sure if a super users group still exists or exactly what it does but if it’s still there this issue should be taken onboard and some feedback given on this suggestion.

Lack of a constructive response may say it all.

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Re: Vulnerable Customers

As well as finding a way to help vulnerable customers, Plusnet also need to ensure there is guaranteed way for customers to contact them when something urgent needs to be addressed - e.g. to stop the erroneous transfer of the service to another provider before it is too late.

There have been several posts on such subjects in the last few months and with the current  poor performance by Plusnet in answering the telephone; the demise of the chat service, the removal of the ticket service (admittedly some time ago, but the more recent removal of an easy way to view old or closed tickets which may explain things if the customer had ready access), something really needs to be done.

On a related matter, today I saw yet another post where a customer has been asked by Plusnet to contact them to sort out an issue with a new provision but the Plusnet staff member had closed the ticket so it cannot be replied to leaving the customer with no real convenient option to respond to Plusnet's request. This is not the first such instance I have seen. Staff need to be better trained to avoid such issues.

All in all Plusnet do need to up their game and provide alternative guaranteed means of contact if they are not going to pick up forum or social media posts seeking help more quickly and reliably. 

Yes, Plusnet had issues with staff resources when the coronavirus crisis first struck but they really should have sorted things out by now so that customer service is back where it was at the start of the year (although even then it was not great). They are, after all supposed to be a communications company.