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Very poor service

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Very poor service

I have already raised my issue within your organisation, but I feel that my issue is still unresolved, hence my need to involve you in helping to resolve this problem.

Here is what happened: 7 weeks no service at all from sign up,3 days holiday and 3 different bt engineers at a cost of £195.42....for nothing what so ever. I signed up with plusnet on the 15th november, after paying out the £50 bt engineer call out fee, and £20 upfront month in advance payment. plus £6.99 modem. after the first of 3x bt Engineers!!, and first days holiday from work came to the house to connect me, after spending 2 and hours told me that he was given the wrong dp address!, so ill have to take it up with plus net. 2 weeks later, with still no service, another engineer was at my door asking me questions, who then left telling me the first engineer made a mistake. And he will report back to plusnet. So after waiting and getting no response back, i phoned plusnet again, who then told me they was going send Another engineer out, so yet another days holiday from work. This engineer said sorry, dont know what the issue is should only take me 45mins. After he connected me i was told by email my live date for internet would be 19th dec. So i did exactly what was instructed and waited until midnight came i still had no service at all. I phoned back again on the 20th find out why, and the technical team ran some tests, after about 30 mins , my modem and phone came to life, so i thought that was the end of the issue, But unfortunately it lasted all of 20 mins!! Then nothing again. After numerous phone calls and going out to buy new micro filter and phone as i was told this could be the issue, still no service. The last person i spoke too told me they no what the problem is and to wait 4hours until after midnight turn off the modem then turn back on this was on the 23rd dec. And everything should be fine. But still nothing right through christmas, until the new year, when i called yet again. And again was told they had no idea why, so would send yet another engineer out!! this would now 4! meaning another days holiday from work. And if any work was to be carried out i would have to pay . In the mean time i got an email saying the line speed estimate what was given 2-4 mbs, was going to be 0.6mbs!! . So honestly i just got so sick of the stress with it all and had no choice but cancel the service i never received in the first place. I asked because of all the stress and the fact id already paid for a month up front and engineer call out that did nothing! and neither worked. why should i have to pay anything at all. And wished to cancel altogether. Even if i had the service i payed for at 0.6mbs no where near 2-4. I was told id be compensated for what id already paid, also never got any email about the £50 cash back promised, So after all this its cost me a total of £195.42 to cancel for over 8weeks, for no service what so ever. And three days holiday from work. How is any of this my fault. regards .This happened on January 3rd, 2017

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Re: Very poor service

In a word, Ombudsman.

Stop banging your head against a brick wall and get some 'backup'? I had a long standing issue with plusnet which was going nowhere until I contacted these guys and hey presto, most of my broadband and line rental fees back, a reduced subscription, and compensation with a couple of noughts on the end.

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