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Very Disappointed

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Very Disappointed

On 7th May, I placed my order for Broadband Unlimited completing the application on-line, but at the same time talking the application through with one of the sales team.
I was informed that it normally takes 7 days for activation, so I waiting until 14th May before checking.  I spoke to another of your sales team who informed me that the order had not been processed as there was a problem with the MAC Code. 
Why was I not informed of this at the time of placing the order with your sales team?  It transpired that the issue was a letter ‘O’ should have been a number ‘0’.  Your team should know the correct format of the MAC Code, not me, and this should have been picked up.
The person I spoke to 14th May said that he would ensure that the order was processed that day, and duly sent out the router.
I waited until 22nd May to check again.  I spoke to a young lady in the ‘orders waiting dept’, and after she checked, I was incredulous to learn that the order HAD NOT BEEN PUT THROUGH.
To say that I am not happy with this situation is an understatement.  She was very apologetic, but I really need to know why the order was not processed on 14th May when I was promised that it would be.
I received a text to say that the service would be activated on 29th May, but I have just received a subsequent text informing me that it is now 31st May !!!
I am very disappointed, as one of the main reasons for migrating my broadband to yourselves was your reputation for customer service.  This has not got off to a very good start and I am extremely disappointed and angry with the level of service and the length of time I am having to wait.  Your motto of ‘We’ll do you proud’ does not pertinent if this is the level of service offered and I would be very reluctant to recommend Plusnet to any friends or family.
I’m worried now that I have made a very big mistake migrating to Plusnet as I have now been without internet/email since 4th May, and given my experience of Plusnet so far I’m not confident for the future.
The least I would now expect is for Plusnet to expedite this order AND importantly use your contacts/influence with BT Wholesale to immediately fast track the activation of the line within the next 48 hours.
But I won’t hold my breath that anything will get done as quite simply big companies don’t really give a damn once they’ve got you signed up.
I’ve considered cancelling my order and going elsewhere, but this would obviously take longer to get connected, so they really do have you by the ****
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Very Disappointed

Hi there,
I'm really sorry for how this has happened. On the 7th we didn't receive an order rejection from our suppliers which is why things weren't picked up until you called on the 14th, and then at that time the agent who took your call made an error which is why the order didn't get placed a second time - we can only sincerely apologise for this and assure you that this will be fed back to the agent in question.
The activation date is actually the 30th May, our emails state the day after as activation can be any time up to midnight on the date given (it's usually done early in the morning, so we'd expect you to be online and have everything activated for the 30th).
I've had a word with our provisioning team and we'll request the expedite, though can't promise that it will go ahead as I believe there's regulations in place regarding migration orders. If it does go through (and we'll do our utmost to ensure it does) your service won't be coming online within 48 hours due to the weekend and the bank holiday - it'll most likely end up being Tuesday.
Once again I'm very sorry for how this has gone so far, I hope we can impress once the service is up and running for you.