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Uswitch award

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Re: Uswitch award


I do apologise if 'beyond the competence' is interpreted as a slur on Plusnet staff.

That's why I was careful to say "could", given there being no other option such as "of being beyond power to influence".

I think we agree that it is not as good as it needs to be, that the responsibility always remains with Plusnet, even where they have no meaningful power of third parties.

It is the latter which worries me most: no-one seems able to fix the BTOR issues: Government Special Committees had been thwarted; Ofcom have muttered toothless words, saying "If Brussels allows us... we'll make BTOR change".

Nothing ever seems to change!

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Re: Uswitch award


We are totally in agreement that BTw and OR cause many (but not all) of the problems that are attributed to Plusnet. This I agree is down to Plusnet, as you say, being unable to exercise any meaningful power over what they like to call 'their suppliers'. To my mind any company who have this total lack of power over 'their suppliers' are not in a proper client/supplier relationship, it's certainly not one I recognise as being acceptable elsewhere in industry. Here roles appear to be reversed whereby the supplier (BTw/OR) decides and controls the quality of service that will be provided to the client (Plusnet) with the client then having to explain to their customer why things are not as they should be.

I guess that this will never change whilst the business objective of Plusnet, BTw, and OR is the same, that is, protect the reputation and maximise the profits that can be returned to BT PLC shareholders.

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Re: Uswitch award

It would be interesting to spend some time looking at the forums of other ISPs to see if they have the same issues with "their suppliers". If they don't the inevitable conclusion is that OR and BTw don't take as much notice of Plusnet issues knowing that they are far less likely to kick up a fuss with OFCOM as they are part of the BT group.

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Re: Uswitch award


That's precisely my point. We are told that OR has to treat all clients the same. I can think of three classes of client:

1..Independant organisations who use the BT network and are quite willing (and do) complain to Ofcom.

2. BT Retail. Seen by BT as their premier ISP.

3. Plusnet. Seen by BT as their cut price offering.

Whilst I imagine that there is a corporate rule that all are treated equally by OR/BTw to comply with government dictats a cynical old poster might wonder what happens at the lower level where career progression could possibly be enhanced by protecting the reputation of BT.

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Re: Uswitch award

I have been reading the last few posts , and just looked at my Local Paper and found this Smiley

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