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Using a Draytek 2860 - it went well

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Registered: ‎01-07-2014

Using a Draytek 2860 - it went well

I was moved from ADSL to VDSL yesterday and have used Draytek router/modems for ages so I bought a new 2860Vn+ to use with PlusNet fibre.
The installation guy used an Openreach modem to confirm there was a VDSL feed - but I couldn't see any connection at all  beyond the VDSL sync. Customer Service said they weren't surprised as the servers at the Plusnet end have to be updated to connect a new customer and that I should see action by midnight. By 7pm I had intermittent IP addresses but no real connection - so the Support agent led me through making a PPoE connection directly from my computer to the service, which he put me on hold to enable while I waited, via the modem. It worked well. He was very dubious about my Draytek and suggested that I should continue using the Openreach modem and only use an Ethernet connection to it. I can't say I blame him as the Draytek is very new and not supplied by PlusNet. Anyway, I used a PPoE via Ethernet which worked and then plugged the VDSL line directly to my Draytek - and with exactly the same settings for PPoE as I had tried all day it lit up perfectly.
The Draytek Website had got it right after all and PlusNet had got me a great connection. My work VPN works already and beats their network speed hugely, we can spool pretty much anything to the TVs without a worry, VOIP/Skype is never stuttery due our line speed and we only pay the same as we did for ADSL. I put us on to a fixed IP so we can dial in to the house through our own VPN and that is blisteringly fast. (Very useful if you forget to collect all your files before you leave!)
This has gone well.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Using a Draytek 2860 - it went well

Hi JD001,
Thanks for the feedback and we're glad to hear that everything is now up and running for you!