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Use of Plusnet forum, communication with you

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Use of Plusnet forum, communication with you

Even though I’ve been with you for 8 years I’m still struggling with your communication system. I go to log on and read messages/replies e.g. Help Assistant, Ask a question or view your answers, Service Notices, Service Notice #460493499,  but there is no facility to reply. So I go to the forum, log on with a separate password, and search for my original message. There is no click through from the Help Assistant. How am I supposed to respond? Am I missing something? Is there a guide to your messaging system?

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Re: Use of Plusnet forum, communication with you

@philipinleeds In the example you give - of a Service Notice - there is no direct way to reply on the Help Assistant itself. A service notice is just that - a notice. If you need to query it, you would raise a topic on the appropriate forum board, or in more normal times, call Plusnet on the phone.

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Re: Use of Plusnet forum, communication with you



I am sure a lot of customers are struggling with Plusnet's communication system - or possibly lack of system.

A few years ago, there was the ticket / question system accessed via the Help Assistant in the Members Centre. At that time this system allowed customers to raise issues on all types of problem from faults through technical issues to billing issues etc. That was gradually pared down as the range of possible topics was reduced until Plusnet decided that the system was no longer required  and effectively closed it . I say effectively as there are still a very few topics where it can be used but these are not the topics that are most often in demand by customers.

Plusnet replaced the ticketing system with the Live Chat facility, claiming this was the way forward.. This Chat facility has also been discarded except for a few links to it that only take you to a bot relating to sales.Even before its demise the Chat system often suffered from unavailability as it was not adequately staffed.

Plusnet now expect customers to contact them via these forums or via Twitter or Facebook which are all public facing facilities not restricted to Plusnet customers, although, to be fair, Plusnet staff will often reply via a ticket on your account (yes they can still open tickets) to avoid the public airing customer specific information. 

Of course, throughout these times there has always been the option to call Plusnet Customer Services but waiting times have steadily increased until that is not a viable option for many. Also CS opening times have steadily been eroded even before the further restrictions imposed during the present crisis.

Turning to your specific problem, Plusnet have opened a Service Notice on your account. This is not the same as a ticket / question. There is not facility to respond to a Service Notice as it is a method of recording an event happening on the account ans d so they tend to be automatically closed as there is no requiremnt for discussion with the customer.

You have raised this on the Feedback forum which is fine by way of general discussion of the communication system. However, if you want a response regarding the issue you have seen in the Service Notice, it would be better to raise that as a specific issue in the relevant forum in the "Help with my Plusnet services" group so that it is picked up by the correct CS representative. The feedback forum is not necessarily seen by those representatives.