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Update on Broadband service, still happy.

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Update on Broadband service, still happy.

Well since 27/09/2016 when I moved from BT to Plusnet I'm still happy with the service, currently getting around 50 meg on the 76 meg package as of today but I check often and it goes up and down which is normal for any provider. Some days I have got over 60 meg and ping is always good when playing multi player games, I always think having a wired connection for that is recommended. I live on the Isle of Wight and being a computer technician myself I recommend Plusnet to people and to my parents who will be moving over in a month or so time, they have 2 lines to connect in their house. 


I want to mention that it's easy to blame a service for some problems like slow internet speed and connection issues, the other day my internet did keep going on and off but where I am in the local community I saw that other people had the same issues as me on BT, Talk Talk etc. and I think it was caused by BT in the exchange, don't forget they own the lines so if something happens it can affect all networks. I see them in the boxes when these issues happen. I have also noticed weather can cause an issue with the Internet, once we had really heavy rain and it really did knock the internet out. Another thing which you might not think of, If you have a wireless home phone in front of the router that can affect the wireless signal or a mobile phone near it have seen this myself. Don't forget the wireless dongle on your computer, same thing can happen if you have a phone near that. Some routers are bad, not too keen on Netgear and D-Link, I like TP Link myself but currently using the BT Router and is working fine with Plusnet. Had some routers that just would not work right, internet kept dropping and wireless was rubbish, got a new router and no issues.


I have just now ordered Plusnet mobile, will see how that goes, just got my PAC code from vodafone because I want to keep my number and will give that to Plusnet when the sim arrives. Hopefully will be just as happy with the service, is a lot cheaper than what I was paying. 


Well I don't usually leave reviews/comments but I'm happy with my service. 

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Re: Update on Broadband service, still happy.

Thanks for taking the time to leave feedback, always good to hear back when things go to plan. Smiley



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