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Unwilling to waste any more time

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Unwilling to waste any more time

As I have said on the forum before, it infuriates me that Plusnet seem quite unabashed when they oblige their customers to waste huge amounts of their time waiting on a phone or chat line to seek resolution of a problem caused by yet another error by Plusnet.

If the number of mistakes were halved, then I imagine that the number of callers would be as well, and in turn, wait times too.

This evening, chat is unavailable, (not that I would use it after my last experience of waiting an hour and a quarter to be cut off mid-enquiry,) and call wait times are said to be in the region of an hour. The announcement refers me to the website where that now very familiar Yorkshire voice tells me that I can submit "an online support request". Now that is just what I want, - but where do I do that?

When I upgraded to unlimited fibre last year, my agreed deal was 24 months at £10, - ticket 109521056 confirmed it, and I printed the ticket.

Umpteen issues subsequently arose with provisioning orders placed and rejected several times over until it was finally worked out that a line modify order couldn't be placed at the same time as a line takeover.

That problem took hours on the phone and countless reminder tickets until the fibre was activated some weeks later. The only snag was that speeds were unchanged. More time on the phone........ to discover that Plusnet has erroneously left a speed restriction on the line. Then the new router failed, taking a couple of hours on the phone to diagnose, followed by a few other little problems like being charged £14.99 rather than the £10 deal, (and more time on the phone).

By then I was in regular correspondence with the complaints department, and the agent LL further surprised me by saying that the 24 month contract had been incorrectly set up as a 12 month contract. Ticket 109902596 admitted this, but LL went on to say that I had his "personal guarantee that during the agreed 24 months of service, you will pay no more than £10 per month for your broadband service". To be fair, I also have to acknowledge other concessions.

That's alright then, except that 12 months later, I receive an email to say that I'm about to be charged £14.99 !!!

Now is at least onother hour of my time on the phone worth £4.99. I don't think so, -  that's less than the national minimum wage !

Plusnet, - please sort it out.

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Re: Unwilling to waste any more time

Reading your post, I'm sorry for the issues you have been/are going through with your account. 😞 I will look into your ticket tomorrow afternoon once I'm back in the office.



I've issued you with a refund which you should see in your bank within the next 5-10 working days, and have  applied the remainder of the discounts.

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