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Unauthorised removal of money from my account

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Registered: ‎05-09-2011

Unauthorised removal of money from my account

At the beginning of August, I ordered a fibre optic broadband upgrade from PlusNet, which, as seems to be the experience of so many of their customers, they failed to deliver when promised. They also managed to have my ADSL broadband cut off for 4 days without realising understanding why this had happened or doing anything about it.
They also charged me at the end of August for the broadband service, which I had not received.
Eventually, and only after I publicised their failings on this site, they sorted out the technical issues and promised to refund immediately the money that they had taken from my account without my permission. They also promised verbally over the ‘phone to do this.
Hardly surprisingly, given all the complaints that have appeared about Plus Net, the money has not been refunded.  Has anyone else had this experience?
If the money isn’t returned to me within the next 24 hours, I intend to alert the Office of Fair Trading and my local Trading Standards Officer about the way in which Plus Net conduct their business. The OFT takes a dim view of unethical not to say dishonest practices.
If Plus Net need to discuss their cash flow requirements, they should look to their banks not their customers.
Plusnet Alumni (retired) orbrey
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Unauthorised removal of money from my account

Hi DisgruntledJ,
I've refunded £20 for the 2 months you've paid for fibre without receiving it. I understand you've discussed this with one of our agents and had some credits applied also, and that there's an engineer booked to install the fibre on the 23rd - I hope this covers things and am very sorry for the experience you've had with this.