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Tricky to update card details

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Tricky to update card details

With an existing payment card expiring, and with timely email prompts from Plusnet, I just updated my card details in the account area.  I was a bit bemused at first, because on the Bill/payments page, the footer on the webpage covered up the lower part of the main content, which meant that I could see the payment method section, but the button to do that was covered up and not accessible. This is using the Brave browser on a 24" screen on Windows 10.

The work-around was to go to the browser settings and reduce the zoom setting; then all the main text was accessible and I could proceed to change the card.  When I returned to that page with the new lower zoom setting however, the button was covered up again! 

I have successfully changed the card details, so no further action necessary, though you might have someone look at that page with that browser to see what's up.


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Re: Tricky to update card details

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Re: Tricky to update card details

Thanks for the feedback!

Do you see the same behaviour with other browsers?

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