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Many tickets are being generated in reply to customers queries, the content of these tickets can only be accessed by the individual customer and PN due to some tickets containing confidential information which is fair enough.....however......If a customer gives permission for the reply to a ticket which has been raised via the forum to be shown under the forum topic it was raised under and providing all confidential material is removed can this be done ?

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Re: Tickets

Hi @gleneagles, although we look to include as much generic and helpful information on the forums as we can to not only help the customer getting in touch but others which may view the thread at a later date for resolutions, anything that requires account sensetive information or something that we may need documenting on the account would have to be on the account I'm afraid. By all means, if you have removed all confidential material (emails, names, numbers etc.. ) I can't see any harm in you yourself uploading a ticket response you may wish to descuss further with either other forum users or our support team on here.

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Re: Tickets


This is an issue which has been raised on multiple occasions by the SUs to which there has been no progress.

These days there is hardly ever any hint of what has gone wrong, the sharing of which could be useful to other users. ALL meaningful updates are posted to tickets. It is as though (in addition to private stuff) all of the dirty laundry is being kept private in a manner which inhibits pattern spotting.

I am sure that there will always be something generic which ought to be shared to help inform and to bolster the self help content of this space.

Superusers are not staff, but they do have a direct line of communication into the business in order to raise issues, concerns and feedback from the community.

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Re: Tickets

I have, on several occasions posted up the content of my 'private' tickets. I do however redact the plusnet staffers name or any details likely to reveal who I am. I'm a private person and I respect others privacy too.

I have to agree that sometimes having this 'information' available to the general public is often a good thing. Take for example RADIUS graphs and GEA test results (the latter with certain details redacted). I have spotted other customers profiles being set at the wrong 'setting' and made the staff member(s) involved in that thread aware of the 'error'. They're like us, human, and make mistakes or overlook things too.

Having said that, some information being posted up by a member of staff could upset the customer or indeed be in breach of any data protection rules/regs. If the 'owner' of that content wishes to post it, then I can't see the issue with that either.

A member of staff once publicly posted details of my exchange, this imho gave away too much info, I wasn't happy about it and I asked a mod to edit it, which that mod did pdq.

Also, let's say, for example, Ben posted up my current payments to Plusnet, now I could be upset that any deals or offers I had could be seen by Joe Public or indeed create tensions/issues for other customers, more so if I'd got a great deal (I've not btw). But if I want to tell all I'm x for that, y for that and z for that, then it's our call I guess.

At the end of the day, it's our data and within reason we can probably do with it whatever we want to do with it. As long as other PII is removed, I can't see what trouble we'd get in to, but note the above.

Issues that could be affecting more than we may fully know, take billing for example, should have had a statement publicly available so ALL customers affected get the same 'compensation'. I'm not aware of any billing issues here, but it would be good to know what plusnet are doing about it. They do say they're open and transparent after all.

I have to agree, there are no hints to 'issues', just the same old plusnet statements. And from reading some replies, it really does look like plusnet are trying to hide these issues. I know statements have to go via your legal teams or management, but one statement, for each 'large' issue is imho better than copied and pasted replies.


(just my thoughts anyway)