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Thinking of returning to Plusnet

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Thinking of returning to Plusnet

Hello all, I switched to an alternative fibre provider a few years ago (origin), but lately their service has declined somewhat, coinciding with their recent network "upgrades".
This combined with the current black friday deal has me strongly leaning towards plusnet fibre again.
Before I switch, I'd like some feedback on the following things:
Xbox live
I had nice low ping when I was on plusnet, and for the first 2 years of origin (recently the ping has almost doubled)
Also I constantly get moderate NAT instead of open, with "double NAT detected", despite my xbox being in the DMZ (I suspect their CGNAT is the problem)
So plusnet customers who play on xbox one, do you have low ping and open NAT status?

Geographical location
When I left plusnet, there was an ongoing problem with IP addresses showing as non-UK, has this issue been resolved? (origin also has this now, for the most part i'm shown as UK, but often sites think i'm dutch)

General customer support
Hows the customer support system here? Still ticket based? Currently I have to go through twitter to get anything done with origin.

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Re: Thinking of returning to Plusnet


  1. There are still IP addresses showing as non UK
  2. Support calls aren't started by tickets (that ended years ago now for the vast majority of things). Need to use Facebook/Twitter/Chat (but has issues)/phone but has long wait times/this forum but not guaranteed to be seen in a timely manner
Ex - Plusnet Customer (2009 - 2023) now with BT
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Re: Thinking of returning to Plusnet

None of this is fixed, gaming can be a major issue as the 'latency' is  wildly erratic & if anything the customer service is worse now than ever, expect 40plus minutes on hold before first contact!

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Re: Thinking of returning to Plusnet


I just ran this speed test:

I'm on a (now historic) 52/10 package


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Re: Thinking of returning to Plusnet

I came back to Plusnet (from Origin) too - having been moved onto a TalkTalk network by Origin, my connection speeds started to suffer as did my ping times. As you found, their support seems to be getting worse too.


I wouldn't say I've regretted my move but things aren't what they used to be around here.

I had issues getting a static IP, my CLID didn't work, I was billed twice for LRS which took a while to get refunded and had to continually ask to get my rDNS setup. As has been noted, the ticket system has been removed from all but a couple of issues and while I haven't tried calling for support, it seems that others are having issues with waiting times.


Oh and my cashback is still tracking at £70 when it should have been £85 but that is more of a Quidco problem.


On a more positive note, using my Billion 8800NL2 I had a connection time of almost a month, my speeds are stable and my ping times have halved from Origin.


Plusnet have so much potential - it is a shame to see them slipping a bit here.