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Things which could be done better

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Things which could be done better

Thanks for the prompt response answering my recent question... even if wasn't the response I was hoping for.
To date I have found the plusnet service great (5+ years) - I was able to login set-up account, upgrade account and find the info I needed through the web site - fantastic stuff.
However in the case of my last question I wouldn't have needed to ask it, or spent time investigating options if the member centre hadn't been mis-leading about the features to which I had access.
For me...the member centre infers...I have access to Webspace... when I don't.  If I go to Member Centre > My Account > Web Settings >  My WebSpace implies I have access...when I tried to access it, I couldn't, and only found after more digging around find I don't have these features.  Similar to Domains Names aspect of the site.
If the site didn't reveal to me features which I don't have access then I wouldn't have to waste my time and yours.
I tried to complete customer survey throuigh survey monkey... but that hung... so have given up.
Pity I have do give this feedback in such a public way.
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Things which could be done better

Hi there,
The component is active on your account, so from what we can see you do have webspace and you do have access?
It's not CGI space so just a simple hosting platform for files and HTML, but you can FTP to it at (log in with the same username and password you use to log in to our member's centre).
Hope that helps?