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Things could be better.

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Registered: ‎23-11-2016

Things could be better.

After being with PN Mobile for some years without much of a problem I thought I would try the fibre BB, I mean what could go wrong it's all on the Openreach Network!

I was quite upset they are pushing the Hub One with known problems of passwords and connection issues with the 5GHz. The only proper fix IMHO is to buy a secondhand BT Smart Hub 6 which sorts all the issues. Before spending the money I did have the firmware update for the Hub One which did work of sort but still had some issues with Sky Q, iPhone and Blink module from time to time. 

The £18.00 I paid was well worth it as the 5GHz has better coverage and even works at the bottom of my 90ft garden while in a metal shed.

One thing I did notice a lot of people don't seem to understand the min speed PN offer. Its line speed only and not WiFi again PN could make this obvious for those that don't understand WiFi.

After throwing my toys out of my pram a few times I'm happy with the connection but I am near the exchange and have the street cabinet right outside my house.

On the customer service side, I would say they have a few that need to understand without customers they don't have a job.