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The worst moved i ever did coming to Plusnet.

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The worst moved i ever did coming to Plusnet.

Me, my wife and my daugther was all with Giff Gaff, we all had the £20 a month goody bag and was very happy with them.

Them i see this deal on Hotdeals for Plusnet £10 sim unlimited mins, text and some data 5GB i think, can't remember without looking anyway, this is the 1st month and my daughter  runs out of data as we all have iPhone 7 that means you loss imessenger and other stuff so i go on line and pay £10 this was last Thursday nothing happens, so i thought as i own £10 for the sim and £10 for the smart cap that if i paid the other £10 that would be it NO !!!!!!.


So i ring +net up and ask why its not working she said i can't pay on-line for Blot on, this is from a ISP HA HA could not make it up so i said fine please can you take £6 and give me 1gb of data on this one number NP she said ring back in 2 hours and we will sort it for you so i ring back 4 hours later just to make sure, the man said its all done should be back up and running in a few hours Great i thought......thats the daughter off my back as she going on a hen party the next day Friday and its a matter of life and death or so you would think so.


Friday rolls around and still no data, ring's up and explain to the person, she says sorry but its going though the system and i just have to wait, but what about the person yesterday that said it would be done in a few hours, sorry again she should not have said that we will give you £10 as a good will gesture i don't want £10 i want some data i said how long is it going to be  i don't know says the person on the phone, well who does i ask ?, no one they say but its should not be long now.

OK i can't do with this each month i said can i please take my PAC code for this number so i can go back to the spot on Giff Gaff.

NO said the person i can't give it you while the phones waiting for the data, great i said,  i will ring back tomorrow to get the PAC code.

Saturday comes still the same i ring up and get the same answer its still pending.

Its now Monday the guess what still no change, the new months tariff starts Saturday so Plusnet will be taking another £10 if this is not sorted by then and theres nothing i can do about it, Ive also order a £20 Giff Gaff sim card which will be here tomorrow but not really any good without a PAC code.

I am now regretting every see the logo Plusnet, I'm not only moving one sim now i going to take them all and never ever deal with such a rubbish company as these are again, gong to do my reviews next time.

All the money they spend on TV ads needs putting to get things right in the IT department first.


Please if your thinking of moving to them don't you will regret it, i have. 

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: The worst moved i ever did coming to Plusnet.

I'm very sorry to hear of your experience, gaz47uk, and I'm sorry we fell short on this occasion.


The agent is correct in their assertion that we cannot port a number out whilst an action is taking place on the account, however obviously this should have been explained to you more clearly and you should have been given more answers.


Similarly I'm inclined from your description to think this is an issue with a pending account, but without more identifying information I couldn't say for sure.


I'd like to personally take this on and investigate for you, and resolve this in the best way possible. If this means issuing a PAC, I'm more than happy to do that too.


Could you Private Message me here with your full name and address so I can get started, please?