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The renewal process

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The renewal process

I've been on FTTC for about 21 months or so, which means out of contract for a short time.
I found the number and called in using Skype for free. Waiting time was about 20 minutes or so, which wasn't amazing, but also wasn't the end of the world either (I just left it on speaker while I was doing other stuff).
I was offered a reasonable-ish deal, but I asked if you would price match TalkTalk and their Cyber Monday offer for 18 months. After a minute of checking, it was all agreed - job done, email received and everything set up and written as discussed.
Easy, quick and painless.
My only gripe, if you could call it that was the talk of 'saving money by moving to the 40mb package'. There was no mention of the significant upload drop until I said I'm not interested in the 2mb upload. It would have been nice to have been asked what I use my connection for or just to be upfront about it. I'll stick with my 76/20!!
I just wanted to say thanks really. There has been a lot of negativity here of late - some justified, some just shouting for attention and jumping on the bash Plusnet bandwagon and I wanted to put forward my positive experience and redress the balance. It's certainly been much better than my Virgin Media connection ever has been, that's for sure!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: The renewal process

Thanks Rippong Smiley
I'll also be passing feedback on regarding the fact that there was no mention of the change in upload speed if you were to change package.
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