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Thankyou PN

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Thankyou PN

Well - nearly got my first month in, so I thought I'd say thankyou for an almost trouble-free transfer of both BB & phone.
The little hitches (one each with each service) were sorted out with a quick & efficient phone call where the CS I spoke to actually listened to and answered my query rather than reading from a script as would have been the case  (with my previous broadband supplier) and everything went smoothly afterwards.
Having 'lurked' for a while, I'm impressed with the support both on the forum  and in the Members Centre/Help & Support pages - if my previous ISP had had such a good set up, I might even have accepted their carrot & stayed with them, but having called them - once - I just couldn't risk it. I'm no IT expert, but the 'advice' they gave me on that occasion was so way off, I went away and solved the problem myself. Wink
Thanks again, PN.
Now I'm off to ask a couple of questions in Broadband and Routers. 
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Re: Thankyou PN

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