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Thanks to chat advisor

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Thanks to chat advisor

Thanks very much to chat advisor Richard who fixed my broadband setup today following a phone line repair. By the way, the connection reset that was part of the fix prevented me doing the usual chat customer survey which is a pity since my problem was resolved! Is there any way to do it after the event? I have used the chat advisor a few times over the last few days and it has been very good.

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Re: Thanks to chat advisor

So glad you had a good expirence it's not very often that people post about the good things... Someone from Plusnet should  be able to review tickets on your account to find Richard and let him know you're happy.


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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Thanks to chat advisor

Thanks a lot for the great feedback @prdawes.

I know the Richard in question, so I'll pass on the good feedback to him and his manager Angel


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Re: Thanks to chat advisor

Nice to see a positive post for a change!


Shame my post got censored by staff when I gave feedback to specific CSRs Sad


Glad your problem got sorted, still awaiting mine, fingers crossed though, Santa might bring me some nice bandwidth.