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Thanks to Plusnet Support

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Thanks to Plusnet Support

After a disappointing  call to Plusnet support  and subsequently to a customer service Manager   regarding a charge applied for open reach engineer to fix b/b speed issue  (dropped to 46Mbps  - after visit back to full 76Mbs.)

Just had a call from cust services to advise that after review of the forum  comments  ( thanks everyone)  the engineer call out charge has been waived -  also  good news apparently more support staff have been recruited - so they aim to follow forums more closely  going forward.

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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Thanks to Plusnet Support

Hi , The charge only applies is if the issue is at your side, I attach a direct quote n relation to this:


" As part of the investigation of this fault we may need an engineer to visit your property to test the line. If the engineer finds the problem is with your internal wiring, your equipment, the condition of your property or the Openreach network has been damaged within the boundary of your property by things like building or garden works or if no fault is found, you will receive a charge of £65 to cover the cost of the engineer. This charge will also apply if you miss the appointment or you cancel without giving us 2 working days' notice."


If the engineer finds a fault caused by any other reason then no charge will be levied.

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Re: Thanks to Plusnet Support

Hi there,


I'm happy to hear your speed has been steady since the engineer visit, and I believed it was only fair to waive the fee because we weren't entirely sure what caused the corrosion of the equipment.


Apologies for your poor experience with our support team.


Feel free to post back or let me know if we can help you further. Smiley

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