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Thanks Plusnet!

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Thanks Plusnet!

Hi all,
I had FTTC installed yesterday afternoon, right on time with the appointment, went without a hitch. The engineer was pleasantly surprised to find that I had previously had FTTC installed when I was with my previous ISP, so he really had nothing to do except test the connection.
Speed tests are usually between 31-33Meg down and 1.5-1.8Meg up, very close to my BT IP profile of 33800/2000 and not bad at all considering that I'm about 600-650 metres away from my cabinet, and that the lines here are made from aluminium not copper.
Added the Pro add-on because I'd rather avoid rate limiting, but so far it's been very fast and also very stable - no re-syncs since it was connected.
Just wanted to say thanks for an activation with no problems!
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Thanks Plusnet!

Thanks for the feedback reddev87. Hope everything continues to go smoothly for you.
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 Adam Walker
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