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Thank you

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Thank you

We've recently migrated to Plusnet from another ISP (closely related).
Since we signed up to broadband we've had the same provider so it was the first time we'd ever changed ISP and we were unsure of the process. Despite ringing them three times the same afternoon before finally deciding to go ahead with the migration the staff at Plusnet remained friendly, as well as being efficient, and guided us through what our options were, pricing, and what we had to do without making us feel stupid, or a nuisance.
It's early days yet, but thus far, we're pleased. Previously we were getting speeds of between 2mb - 6mb (I hope I'm using the correct terminology here!) but they've increased to between 6mb - 8mb now. We also appreciate UK based call centres. Please don't misunderstand me, neither of us have a prejudicial bone in our bodies, but we do need to be able to understand what the person on the other end of the phone is saying to us!
We've yet to have our phone service taken over by Plusnet, apparently this takes a further two weeks, but so far, it's a thumbs up from us.
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Re: Thank you

Hi  CJ,
Welcome to Plusnet and our forums. Thanks you for the kind words.
Jojo Smiley