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Thank you Plusnet & BT

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Thank you Plusnet & BT

I've just moved from Sky (non-fibre) to Plusnet (Fibre Unlimited).  I was a little apprehensive about the move but wanted to move away from Sky and took up Plusnet's excellent offer of £9.99 a month  (£19.99 after six months of course) for a connection with possible 80mb/20mb.  Sky would of cost £30 a month for the same speeds. I was a Plusnet customer many years ago and only left when the original traffic management system was introduced but from what  I read this has improved a lot so I thought I'd come back to Plusnet.  Sky had been way to slow for my liking recently.
I followed a nice lady at Sky's advice and didn't tell Sky I was leaving but let Plusnet handle that.  Apparently if I did tell them Sky would issue a cease on my line.
On the morning of the 17th at 3am my line went dead.  I'm an IT Consultant so as you'd expect I have monitoring systems setup for my various clients systems. Thankfully I had a morning of meetings and client visits to do so I didn't feel like I'd lost my lifeline.
At 4pm that afternoon a very friendly and help BT Engineer turned up and explained that he was about to knock off for the day but would just get this job done.  Of course I'm sure was on overtime but still it was nice to see him and he quickly set about doing his job.  He found that the previous owners of the house had moved the master socket to a room they used as an office.  Anyway he quickly had that sorted and then put the BT Openreach modem on the wall next to the now retored master socket.  Off he trundled to the cabinet to get the connection back and told me to plug in the router and leave it 15 minutes.  Which I did.
At the that point my phone pinged and I had an email from Plusnet to tell me I was online and sure enough my monitoring system then sprang into life with notifications galore, again as expected.
I ran and terminated a new ethernet cable in to move the router to the place I wanted it and I've been online ever since.  I was amazed by the efficiency of the process from both BT and Plusnet.
I don't know if you can pass feedback to BT but if you can I'd like to pass on my gratitude to the engineer for a job well done.  He was  helpful and friendly which are two great traits in any engineer.  I've dealt with BT for many years in a professional capacity and expected the worst and ended up delighted at the experience.
Thank you to both BT and Plusnet for a great service so far. I'll certainly be recommending you in the future.
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Plusnet Alumni (retired)
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Re: Thank you Plusnet & BT

Hi djclarke,
Welcome to our forums and welcome back to Plusnet Smiley
I'm glad to hear that it went well for you, it's certainly something that we aim for!
I'll pass the feedback on where I can and hopefully it will filter though our suppliers side too.
If there's anything you need please let us know.