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Thank You

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Thank You

I raised an issue recently on the Forum and was not sure if PN were pursuing or not.
A number of days later I logged in to ask if my TSNM could be raised to 6 db.
Before I had chance to post my request I lost sync and shortly afterwards received a text message from PN confirming that 'adjustments' had been made which should improve my stability.
The adjustment was an increase in my TSNM to 6 db.
To be fair this was coincidence and luck in the timing but it confirmed PN were actively looking into my problem.
Today I received a phone call from PN confirming that they were still monitoring the situation and had an interesting, very helpful and informative discussion.
Sadly I have forgotten the name of the individual involved but he is a credit to PN.
I take this opportunity of expressing my thanks and am pleasantly surprised in this day and age that PN are able and willing to offer this level of support and attention.
I've been with PN for many years and this sort of service does wonders for retaining customers.
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Re: Thank You

I can see their name on your account, so I'll make sure their manager is aware of the positive feedback. Many thanks for posting.
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