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Technical Support.

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Technical Support.

I had occasion to contact Technical Support for the first time earlier this week about a problem I was having setting up mu PN e-mail account on an Android tablet computer and following PN's useful guide.
My call was connected to a human within seconds (good) and after I explained my issue I was talked through the process and soon discovered MY simple error. I was submitting my full -mail address instead of just my username Embarrassed (as the guide states).
I don't know who I was talking to but must compliment him on the professional and non condescending way in which I was dealt with. He might have been thinking "what a wally" but in no way was this conveyed or even hinted at.  Roll eyes
I was then given an excellent explanation on the differences between POP3 and IMAP which was quite informative.
Full marks to whoever it was. So refreshing to be able to converse with someone in the U.K. and not an offshore "script monkey" . Smiley
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Re: Technical Support.

Thanks for the great feedback, I'll track down who it was and pass on this message to them.
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