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Taking customer service to the next level!!!!

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Taking customer service to the next level!!!!

Ive had a ticket open now for approx. 1 month. In that time Ive had to pester these clowns to look into a problem I didn't create.  I had an Engineer arrive at my house last Friday to inspect my line to see if I had any faults. In 1 week I've had one member of staff reply to my ticket. Stating pretty much what I/We already knew.
Is it just me or has the Plusnet service just turned to utter trash. I never seem to get anyone with any authority that can basically sort any issues I have out.
I know very well that a member of staff will reply to this apologising and ( as all the rest) try and sort my problem out.
I find plusnet just armature these days, I cant believe they actually still have customers!!
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Community Gaffer
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Re: Taking customer service to the next level!!!!

Whilst I understand you're frustrated, name calling isn't going to help anyone.
I've just taken a look in to your account and can see that the issue wasn't a simple one to look into, unfortunately there is a process we need to go through which is what has happened.
One of my colleagues over on the chat team has chased this up and you should have an update within the next few days to a week.
Sorry for the delays and any problems this has caused.
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 Chris Parr
 Plusnet Staff