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Successful Support Stories

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Successful Support Stories

I help out many people with their phone internet connection and most of them seem to have had GOOD experiences with Plus Net support. This is interestting as many of the posts on this forum concern what is percieved to be very poor customers service. One example is someone who called me this mornng to tell me how helpful PN had been when her phone & internet stopped working af ew days ago. She dialled the free 0800 number (0800 432 0200 (from within the UK) and told me she was almost immediately answered by a well mannered assistant who confirmed her phone line had a fault. ( No dial tone, odd noises etc) Within an hour she had a text to say the line would be fixed within 72 hours.It was fixed and BTOR called her to check that the phone was working.
Shoot me down if you like, but this person is not alone in my experience. So if PN can get it right why are so many problems raised on this forum?
Converesely I have friends whose phone and internet problems have gone on for many months . This has always been down to BTOR failing to recognise, diagnose and fix a problem - and then blaming the customer ( even when a line has been physically missing due to being accidentaly removed by another contractor)
My adviceis be patient, polite and persistent. Not everyone in this world is perfect and neither are all customers.
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Re: Successful Support Stories

Hi all,
I agree with gpsmout.  Personally, I have been experiencing high number of connection dropouts and in conjunction with Support team have tested through test socket.  Had an appointment for BTOR engineer to visit on 9th December am slot.  But he/she did not turn up and I wasted the whole morning.
I got so cheesed off that I put the Master socket front plate back on and changed my router with a new one and I already had at least ONE drop with 24 hours.  I am now waiting for Support to come up with some answers.
I am being patient and I hope I have been persistent;  but how long for!!!!!
I also hope that Adam Walker reads this.  I am sure he is the guy who can sort this out.  Adam, you are my HERO.  ;).  If you need my Ticket number, please contact.