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Stunning response times to support requests

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Stunning response times to support requests

I know people have been complaining about the response times to queries,  but I never expected it to take so long to get the right answer to a simple question.
  'what happened to my referral refund you told me about 3 weeks ago?'
With a supposed average response time of 4.5 hours the response to my initial question took 36 hours.
After an update,  I got a cryptic and erroneous answer 26 hours later.
Querying this elicited a response after 12 hours later  (at this rate I may get a response within the 4 hour target after a few more updates. Angry ) and the issue is finally sent to someone who might know.
A service notice is sent the next morning. Hooray me thinks, someone has finally sorted the issue.
But alas,  no, someone didn't sort the issue, the computer did its thing all on its lonesome. 
This is confirmed 6.5 DAYS Shocked later when the ticket is updated with an answer that finally explains what was going on.
Just in case anyone else wants the answer to the question,
Refunds for referral payments in one month are processed on the 1st day of the following month.

I guess I should be glad it was only a trivial issue..
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Re: Stunning response times to support requests

This is a bit of an odd one and ultimately why it caused confusion from our end.
Normally, you receive your creditted referral tokens as a discount against your bill.
However, on that invoice, it was treated as a referral refund (which is what would normally happen if your referrals were more than your subscription).  Those type of refunds are process on the first week of every month and because of your billing date being on the 1st, it was just missed.
I'm sorry for the delay and things should be back to normal in the future.