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Staff feedback

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Staff feedback

I can't find an email address or somewhere to send this in so thought here would be a good place.

I took out a 24 month contract for fibre broadband landlines and anytime lanline/mobile calls. The girl I spoke to had system issues but assured me she'd sort it.

I then get a bill in with none of the discounts promised. I made a complaint and this was taken on by <redacted>, I'm so happy he did he is an absolute credit to Plusnet the way he handled my complaint was outstanding anything he said he'd do was done, he was on the other end of the phone if we needed to call. I had a separate issue to my complaint with a fault on the line I called <redacted> and even though faults isn't his department he still helped me. My complaint was closed today. I have the offers and anytime call plan added to my Account, I'd love for him to get some recognition as he went above and beyond, I've encountered staff in other companies who do the bare minimum so was refreshing to see someone so passionate about their job. Thanks again for everything <redacted>


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Re: Staff feedback

Thanks for the feedback! And apologies for the initial bad experience you've had but glad that all's sorted now. I'll make sure your kind words are passed on to your case handler as I'm sure they'd love to see this.

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