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Sky LLU to Plusnet

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Sky LLU to Plusnet

A small review:
I was very skeptical about Plusnets unlimited product but so far have been impressed with it. I was most concerned about the prioritization that certain types of traffic would get but have to admit it is very efficient and makes the internet experience for the whole household very pleasant. I mean people spend a lot of money on routers with such capabilities and you've got this integrated within the network. Top points Plusnet!
The router is a mediocre piece of kit in both looks and performance. The wifi is flaky at times and works better on some devices than it does on others. It is however capable of saturating the maximum possible 80Mbps over wifi but lacks consistency. The bright side however is that Plusnet do not force you into using their router. If you want a better router just go get it!
I miss Sky Talk! I think this is one area that Plusnet can improve on. Sky offer unlimited UK and international calls (about 40 countries) for £5 a month. With plusnet you can get 300 international minutes + UK unlimited for £6 a month. Caller ID costs £1 a month and is poor at reporting the origin of some calls. You are however not charged separately for calls to 0845 + 0870 numbers. Still this is one area where I feel I am paying more for an inferior product.
General advice for people getting FTTC
The way the product works Plusnet or as a matter of fact any ISP has very little control over your line when you are on FTTC. DLM is pretty sensitive and hence if you do not have a clean line you may be disappointed with the speed drops every now and then. If you are an existing ADSL broadband customer than it may be a very good idea to get your detailed line stats from your router before ordering FTTC. If it's a clean line than sure enough go ahead but if it's raining errors than at least you know what you are getting into.
Plusnet Help Team
Plusnet Help Team
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Re: Sky LLU to Plusnet

Hi Exdee,
Thanks for taking the time to post what seems like a very fair and honest review! Smiley
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